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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

24/06/12 first weekend semester 4

Salam, hello readers~!
Today, changed of routines here
I went jogging with Mirah and apparently with another member....
Guess who the other fellow??? It is TJ~!
Yes, mirah’s cat! Just got her back from ainun’s house yesterday~
It was a suprise TJ followed us almost around the campus ground....
Wow, this cat is one of its kind:D
After the jogging, i finish up watching Korean drama (yeah, nothing to do... cant start with the xsiments though~)
And continue sleeping hehe and wake up and bath and yeah, here i am...
Damn, its boring without mr. WiFi~~~ L(((
With my rum8 back home, i really dunno what to do...
Narh! If she’s here though, it will just the same though~~
Again, with the late allowance.... God, please it will be next week, i cant go ask to my parents...
Mine are unlike the others...  the other can say: nah, i still have my parents...
but still, can u just pray it will be soon.... other people are not fortunate like you~
people may see i drive a car, but people don’t know how much money does the car wants... it need more than just petrol...  but also maintenance =.=”
ok, going to be the ‘penyambut tetamu’ for tomorrow new students for Melati 3
sigh~ watching Marry Me, Mary, watching the accessories worn but the actor and actress really make me feel wanna wear those and get back to what i originally like >.=

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