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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

03/07/12 the Usual Post

Salam, hello readers~!

me & Ieka

Here, I present u, with the usual post about late allowance
It was supposed to be written days back, but hey, why not write now
Thought of write it ages ago..
But because of no wifi, i give up, just save the whining to my dear rum8 and bunch of friends
They must been crazy of me keep saying the same things
But lucky for you readers, today, im just gonna write what i wrote last semester
It’s just give a thought, NOT EVERYBODY have parents who can support them, most of friends have parents who can support them
And you know what, during the holidays, a certain someone said, that the allowance will be on time, not to worry
Surely, i didn’t worry, so i just sit back and relax at home, yeah, i was thinking of working for the coming semester expenses... but then again, think of it, i haven’t have a decent holiday since last year.
Nah, now i’m just hoping that; the allowance will be here this week.
And please get your Doa straight, not everybody is as fortunate as you.
p/s: thank you very much, my dear roommate! :D

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