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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

21/04/10 ONLY 56

only 56.
only 56....
only 56 TESL student of ipg kampus perlis.
that is that.
no one is out.
no one is in.
ONLY 56.
we are the 56 trainee of TESL here.
although we are big in nmbr,
but still we LOVE each other.

we stand together hand in hand,
helping each other,
care for each other.

we try NOT to fight with each other.
we TRY to be in good terms with each other and also everybody.
we are among the best,
that's why we are here...
BUT sometimes we do some things that somebody are not satisfied with us.

we all hope that we are BETTER in the future.
we are terribly SORRY.

Nursyahida Syafiqah Mohd Shariff
mari kita bersama mendoakan agar Sya akan sembuh secepat mungkin dan dpt bersama kami secepat mungkin.
AbgT0, we want u!

ONLY 56, BI/Elite/MathSc (A,B,C).
IPG Kampus Perlis.


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