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Monday, April 12, 2010

13/04/10 he is HAPPY~!

yersterday, April 12th was hunny's birthday~!!
he is 19 y/o!
i had a plan lay out for the day.
not so much of plan but just to fill the day with activities.
i thought i was going to wish him exactly 12 am,
but unfortunately i was TOO tired that i fell asleep.
i was suppposed to attend the miss melati meeting,
but i was really tired to stand.
so i hit the bed instead and missed the 12am.
when i woked up, it was in the wee hours of the morning.
i text him a birthday wish
(as for i know he was fast asleep, because he fall asleep earlier than me)
and then i woke him up and sang him a birthday song!
after the assembly, the TESL student gather beside the library and sang the birthday boy, a birthday song.
the birthday boy cut up the cake into slices and we ate up the whole cake.
eventually, the cake was DONE within minutes!
kak ann(hunny's sister) bought the cake for him the day before.
he was happy though.
i gave jamal's present before the assembly started.
before we part for class, i gave him a BIRTHDAY CARD.,
after OUR class at 4, i treat him KFC.
because there are no any other place to go and have a good meal.
we didn't had our lunch though.
and we stuff ourselves until we are FULL!
he cant wait for my birthday present anymore~
i had been talking about it from last week.
and he was excited to have the present.
so, before we had our meal, i gave him my present.
i was happy to see him that way...
he once told me that he wanted and MP3 but i got him something BETTER.
we ate and we went to Kuala Perlis to spend a little more time together, alone.

the happy birthday boy


i'm glad that he is happy.
and he said that it was his BEST day ever,
i love u, hunny!

the photo below is a photo of my hand bleeding....


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