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Saturday, May 29, 2010

30/05/10 i'm actually devastated

alright i wanna go to the FREAKING jomheboh.
but there are no one to follow me.
because of this FREAKING PLACE, i cant just go out with my good friend, hunnyt0.
because he is A GUY!
what the fuck~!!

and why in the freaking world do u guys canceled in the freaking last minute?????
the one with the freaking reason, i say ok.

then again., i will be sick before the end of the half day!
oh God, help me!
im starting to get dizzy~!!

and freaking! i wish i'm with my old friends~!!
they are much more better..
i dunno why,,,
i just have to keep u all in my life and stay with u guys..
have to keep freaking smiling face...

i dunno if i can do that.
God, help me. help me love these guys just like i love my old friends.


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