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Saturday, May 15, 2010

12/05/10 The Adapted 20-minute Macbeth Scenes by TESL C

hari ni tesl C plak!!!
hunnyto was dead nervous then yesterday~!!!
he was jumping up and down...
and was smilling like he gonna die...

today was a FULL house!
and also 6 VIPs!!
what the fish!!
kesian ida kecik...
she was the emcee for tonight~

but she was awesome that night...

and kirey, although he was a blur SM (stage manager)
but still, he did well tonight, and i'll had help him too...
kamal! kamal b! he looked good in IPG's batik!

we thought of doin a dance after the show.
but mr asmadi cut us out...

but then again, he announced that we all got an A- for our project, and he said after submitting our reflection essay next week, we might be getting A+!

and the vips seems to like hunny's performance though..
they said of having us act it again...
sape nak weh??

overall, everyone did a good job, despite of the heartache, hot weather, hate and everything.

until next time! hope to see u gain~
have a good night!
thank u.

the paling handsome and cute macbeth of all time and me


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