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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10/05/10 The 20-minute Adapted Macbeth Scenes by TESl A

today, tesl a did their project.
acting out one of the finest and famous creation of macbeth-
the tragedy of Macbeth~!
the most boring play of all.....

we did this extravagant night!
each class have their own night.
and tonight is for TESL A .

well2 i am the emcee~!!

but it's still ok.
cuz there are not much people.
but the hall was still full.
and the VIPs are just the deputy director and mr zul..

and it end with a success....
despite of the mic problems and sound.
it's all ok.
the actors and actress really give their BEST SHOT~!
and it was AWeSOME~!


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  1. AWESOME...AWESOME A W E S O M E . You missed your "E" again..A W E S O M E!!