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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

16th September 2013 Part 1

Assalamualaikum hello readers~!

It was freaking cold in the room that I end up onlining the whole night and just looking at people around could sleep so soundly. Except for Amy who was shivering cold like me heeee
Between online and sleeping, I was the first to bath since zi have nothing else better to do haha
After bath, I hit the sheets again, with less cold feeling.
And woke up again with everybody waking up one by one.

The morning with having breakfast together before we set off by foot to St. Joseph's Home near Ryokan.

 We went to the orphanage to celebrate and also be with the children.
The new members, did all the activity with the children while me and Kai Fong were assign to talk with the PMR students, to give them boost of the exam and talk about things to lift the spirit in studying.

While I was at the orphanage, my phone just can't stop ringing, I mean the whole day infact.
GK called and asked where were we, we were supposed to go to Leo Cabinet's Installation that afternoon, and it seems GK was the only representative during the opening.

We rushed back, walking at high speed and changed our clothes as well as checking out of Ryokan.
Not everyone of us went for the installation, so we parted with the humans who were not going.

With packed Viva with humans and bags, we head to jetty to fetch Vhina.
Then it was sardine Leos in the car.

Thank God we have a driver who familiar with Georgetown, so we were in Sunway Georgetown Hotel for installation in a short time.

Arriving there, people already start eating, so we just came in and start eating too! haha
Catching up with GK and the installation happened and photo taking session of course.
with Cecelia Loke

Leo Club of IPGK Perlis with some 'new members'

Past President and 'Future president'? hee

GK & Vhina

Yours truly with Valen & GK

with the ever famous Eric

with Tze Cheng

with Aries

u can see how I managed to squeeze between Jocelyn.

the girls

Aries, our apartment-mates during 40th Leo Forum

with Kok Sheng

my favourite picture!! cute

with Woon Jinn


family photo


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