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Monday, June 4, 2012

04/05/12 to go or not to go

salam, hello readers~!
i'm torn between two...

should i GO TO BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR IN Malaysia or just STAY IN IPG FOR the EXAM?
if i'm going to the Concert, of course i will be a VERY good student this semester
other than that, I thank God cause i'm not the KK for next sem ;P

its going to be on the 27th October 2012 at Stadium Merdeka
the cheapest ticket maybe will be around RM200 ++
my aim is that, not much of my budget to go for rock zone nevertheless the VIPs seat....
yes, it has been confirm
see HERE

and i go do some Google Image of the Stadium Merdeka :-
 now, i know what's near to Stadium MErdeka, so, its a possibility of going there though
 *merapu jap*
if according to this Avril's 2008 seating plan, i'm going to be around the Rm100++ and below free seating... x mampu~ heh heh tapi semangat nak g gak!

but seriously, i wanna go man!
but still, if there is SuaraKami 2012, i'm gonna consider it, if the artists are worth it hehe

and Big Bang came out with a new single: Monster
everyone was so freaking awesome!, this time, i mean, everyone is a 'freak' freaking awesome!
So, check out the Video!

p/s: should i go or not?? 0.o

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