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Saturday, June 2, 2012

02/06/12 Out & about: with firends

salam, hello readers~!
Adyla has to go back to SA on Sunday so i decided to see her before she's leaving
so, ask her out and Ieka join in as well as Care
at 8pm, fetch adyla and also ieka
and for the first time went to my cousin's working place, Foos Steak House
after a while, Care came over and my cousin took our order
we sat there until 12.40md
but Care went back early cause she just arrived in Sitiawan this evening

we ate and talk and consult and whatever haha

what i ate, Rustico Something2 Chicken Something2 =.=" it was my cousin's idea though hoho
after seating and talking for hours, we went to chill at Marina Island
and then back home



p/s: Rafique's cigarettes makes my hair smell! damn! :(