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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random: Wondering

salam, hello readers~!

just got back from SBE and mid-term break
and i am WONDERING when in the world will i get my mojo back
to tell you the truth there were lots of things had happened around me
my fingers are too lazy to type
but my mouth are so eager to share
hope to be writing back soon :D

i want to be close person =?
and my deary cousin is getting marry this friday...
and i wont be around by my 'keras tangan' of doing the hantarans will be going so as my ideas... hehe

deary rum8 came back and we talk for hours...hehe
long time no see my deary rum8, love her so much man!!!! :DD <3333

below are some random photos
fatin suhana, like her make up here and the effect of using dual tone, kindda black and white
really3x like her eyes :D
me likey this hair, yea, it's messy and all, but hey i like it, and it is long! :D

p/s: hope to write more later :D
photo: Langkawi, Telaga Tujuh

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