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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Not So New Hair

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

My hands are itching to type a blog but I have no idea what to update on.
A part from the events that happened, I am not in the mood to type a chronological post just yet. I want to type a free-writing blog.
As I was taking a shower this morning all these ideas came to me about updating on my blog.
So here we go ~

About my hair, I had it cut into a new style like 2 or 1 month back, but I didn't published it on anywhere except my Instagram. I was complaining that my hair getting longer and decided to cut it again. But the hair dresser knows better, she tried an 'upper-cut' for me. As so my Homeboy called it, I don't know the real name to the style, but what can I say, I'm doing the Miley Cyrus hair haha

Compare to this, my hair is so freaking long that I can't wait to go back and re-cut my hair, it's in a mess now. Other than that, I want to re-apply colour, looking at my hair now I feel dull, I never thought I feel this way, the urge have my have always coloured. Nevertheless, some said I have colour on my hair, hurm not really, maybe it's just the sun.

Can't wait to go back to meet my cats, I miss my cats! Especially Che Tu! huhu
And had to do a little shopping for Leo Forum. Asked Mummy for choosing a traditional dress (baju kurung etc) for the banquet night during the forum, but she opt wanting to buy me something to wear. Ok, so let's just go back first and discuss more.

Lately, I'm getting tired and sore all over my body like it is time of 'that' month, but it just ended! I'm confuse, but I have to stay strong for my last exam on Thrusday.

And if my parents read this they will kill me or nag at me at least; I already scratch Eddy. Dayyum, I can't even take care of a car. But the scratches are not visible but yea.... See, I don't fancy saloon cars... Or how you spell it. I like that high cars cause I know, I don't think much when I'm driving. DUH.

Got a news yesterday (20th May 2014) and actually, I'm still thinking until we are working on the installation though. Well, as far as everybody's concern, it's still at it is. Congrats Andy, Amy, Kevin, ChunKit, Jedi and Dyba.

I'm actually bailing myself from study together with Azie and Dyba, cause I feel that I need to stay indoors. Sorry girls. And of course I'm tired. Can't wait to be home and shut my self up in home. After the Forum of course, that forum will be a hell of a journey!

My stomach is screaming for food now. So I'm going to eat now.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

19th May 2014

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Hey ya humans!
Just got back from lunch. And also I had my first exam for my 7th semester: Guidance & Counseling for Children.
The exam was ok-lah.
After exam ended, straight away I went to Eddy to fecth a pot I received from lecturer of Language Department.
The other day, they had a feast at the department and so happened that me and Azie walked in to sort some stuff and end up give us some rice and also other 'lauk's.

Back to today's story, after sending of the pot meet up with the adiks ( I mean, I meet them before though, ask Zac to keep an eye on my bag) as Zac was proceeding to class, I ask if he wants to go out and have lunch.
I dunno, I just want to go out, although Eddy was peacefully parked under the tree. Just because.
After they ended their class, went to the Banggunan Pentadbiran to fetch the boys. Yes, boys; the whole lot of my adiks. Dee was practically skipping-running towards my car, just to get the first sit. (i think haha)
Off to Kina, later BSN and the 7Eleven/Cool Blog. Rolex and Zac who wanted to go those places while mostly Mirul and Bona just stayed in with me and Dee.

Oh yea, also went to fill air in the tires, and it is sad. My car is full of boys, who I guess three out of five can fill the air but end up everyone said "don't know". DUH! =.=" But miraculously, Zac knows how to do it! Thanks btw. :P

Yesterday, went to C Kopitiam in Arau's C-Mart, after my last visit, I doubt of having a great lunch there.
Didn't eat yet, so was quite hungry. But have to wait an hour for the food. However it's ok, cause we going to stay there anywhere. Stayed there until 7 though! Good times. Eat in the same time watch Mortal Instruments cause brought along le laptop. Me and Azie, we ate, but not Dyba and Jedi.

The day before, we ate dinner at two different KFC's just for the wifi, as I needed it for translation, after we ate our main dinner in MU. In the end, I gave up, went back and translate on my own.
I have been going to KFCs the past days without fails, and it actually kind of irritating. haha

BTW, McD is coming here!

p/s: I wish I have photos :(

Sunday, May 11, 2014

10th May 2014

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

I have starting blogging again about my daily chronicles and what not.
It's just me writing a diary. If you hate it, you can might as well just hit the 'X' button.

I was tossing around on the floor of my room reading blogs online and such not wanting to study.
Woke up early, just because our pidato boy; Zac left his things in Eddy, so I gotto go to the car and get it.
I mean the alarm key don't have a very good sensor, it can't sense as far me up at the hostel to the parking lot. Unlike AlexT0, you can use the key from anywhere and it still can be sense.

Zac called out me and Dyba to accompany him study at cafe, OMG this is the first time someone ever excited to ask me to go study. Usually people go like "hey, i wanna study? Let's go" with a face like this>> "__________________"
Went down , 'studied' until 3.30pm other then eating, drinking and they watched some Glee and we decided to go out.

And it's my second time Blackwood for the week. DUH! I have a hole in my purse.

Oh yea, and started to use handabags again. My mum can't help it but to make a fuss on me only carrying my wallet and phone everywhere. And I too got tired of not having a handbag too.

Then we go for a karaoke, old songs.
Enough I think.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

8th May 2014

Assalamulaikum & hello readers~!

Hey, just finish my Original Milk Tea from Tea Secret. Went there with Dyba and she bought fries with seaweed. Not bad though, should tried it.

Went out just because I need feed Eddy and I send my Blackpearl for repairs, no idea what’s the problem, but yea, it can’t be on. Kinda miss having a smart phone. Hurm

Other than that, I just read Jean’s and Hanie’s blog, as usual, their blogs triggers me to write and the way I write. Both have different styles of writing but I enjoy both, and maybe just maybe I’m writing and kindda trying to be like theirs.

I’m bored, as usual. That’s the reason I type. Internet had not been stable, so I’m typing in a Microsoft word. Just because.

There’s no point here. Just me typing.

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